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I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Brian McCoy, I highly recommended this individual.  In the time I have worked with him I have become acquainted with him and during that time I found him to be a great journeyman. He is a hard working individual with tremendous work ethic.  In short I recommend him without reservation. 


G. Dewitt

Operations Manager 


  • We had a very good test for the boiler work Brian performed a week ago in the past couple of days.  Outside temperatures down in the 20's or below, inside temperatures have maintained thermostat set point on all of the zones,  Initially it took about 16 hours to get all zones up the set point, which I would think would be exceptional due to the age and location of the house.  It looks like Brian hit a a home run in his endeavors to modify, simplify and repair the heating system here at Thunder Ridge  Thanks for all your help Brian, you did a very professional job just in time for the latest cold snap.

    Have a great day,


  • I'm using this letter to formally thank Brian McCoy for his help and outstanding work reconfiguring and upgrading our boiler for our radiant heating system and replacing our tandem hot water heaters with an indirect hot water heater. We are very pleased with Brian's professionalism and the quality of his work.  He analyzed our system's previous configuration and provided us with a new configuration that is more elegant and operationally more efficient. Again, we appreciate the work Brian did for us and you can be assured we are satisfied customers.  

    Mr. Douglas of Placitas, NM

  • I am writing to tell you about the installations that Brian and his assistants did at our house on June 7- June 12.  Brian did an excellent job on the installations which were very considerable (furnace and hot water tank along with all the accessories).  He was very knowledgeable and hard working through the whole process and he explained in detail any question I had concerning the systems. I was very impressed how he designed the systems to be orderly and compact as he went along getting them all together.  This guy really knows his "stuff"!! His assistants worked very diligently in doing what Brian required of them so that they could also learn how to do this kind of work in the future. 


    Andrew Oravecz

  • Hi Brian, 7 degrees this morning and our whole house is warm as toast! Thank you for your great work. B. Lovett Magdalena, NM